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Dry Cleaners Reno-JJ’s Cleaners, Finest Dry Cleaners in Reno and Sparks with 4 Locations to serve you

Many of today’s modern fabrics require dry-cleaning because it preserves the material better than water and it get the stains out. But even many materials that do not require dry-cleaning turn out better if they are cleaned in this fashion (be sure to check the labels though first). The other main reason people go to dry cleaners is purely for the convenience of not having the time to wash their own clothes. It’s really handy to have someone else do them for you.

Dry Cleaners Reno-JJ’s Cleaners, Finest Dry Cleaners in Reno and Sparks !

JJ’s Cleaners in Reno and Sparks Nevada provides 4 handy locations to be able to serve you. From our location on South Meadows Parkway or Longley Lane on the south end of Reno clear out to Sparks and Wingfield Springs, there is one that’s near you or on your way to work. With convenient hours and locations you could drop off your dry-cleaning on the way to work and usually pick it up the next day.

It’s so nice to have someone else do your laundry! Just let JJ’s Cleaners do it! Their professional staff will make sure that your clothes look the best they can so you can look the best you can. It’s important in today’s society to look your best. The old adage “the clothes make the man” is just as true today as anytime in history. People will judge you by how you look. It may not be totally fair but it is a fact nonetheless.

  1. You will get a better promotion if you look better.
  2. You will make more sales if you look more professional.
  3. You will go on more dates and be treated better wherever you go if you look like someone worth treating well.



Dry Cleaners Reno-JJ’s Cleaners, Finest Dry Cleaners in Reno and Sparks with 4 Locations to serve you

Suppose you need a little bit of tailoring like repairing a small hole in your pocket, or the lining of your suit and the hem in your pants. Of course you could probably do it yourself but you have to go find a needle and thread or whip out the sewing machine and take the time to get it done. As an alternative, you could drop it off at JJs Cleaners and tell them what you need to have done. It will all be done tomorrow when you pick it up.

So for the finest dry cleaner in Reno and Sparks Nevada just go to 1 of our 4 convenient locations where one of our knowledgeable and pleasant staff members will have you taken care of very quickly.

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  1. Jody J.

    JJ’s Cleaners is the best dry cleaner in town! They make our clothes look beautiful, they do a great job with alterations, and their employees are very friendly.

  2. Josey

    I had my daughters wool jacket dry cleaned at JJ’s Cleaners and it turned out great. Thanks for the wonderful job and the service with a smile. I appreciate your work and will bring all my dry cleaning needs to you from now often.

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